Healthcare Economics

Crucial to the success of any health plan is controlling healthcare costs while ensuring quality. Healthcare Economics allows you to efficiently identify cost drivers and improvement opportunities, boosting your negotiating power and the effectiveness of your product offerings over time.

Identify the Patterns that Reveal Savings


Identify high-risk members for care management


Focus on areas likely to achieve goals


Offer self-service analysis to medical management

 Let Your Data Tell the Story

Healthcare Economics was designed to provide rapid data insights and best practice dashboards to generate utilization, enrollment, and financial reporting based on claims and membership data. See what our clients have achieved:


Time spent creating ad hoc reports


Faster answers with automated reporting


Claim costs

Faster Insights for Better Outcomes

Whether you need to reduce reporting and analysis time or uncover the root causes of cost drivers, Healthcare Economics offers fast answers to your important questions. The data enables you to evaluate disease and case management programs while boosting negotiating power and improving collaboration. Healthcare Economics enables you to:

Identify Costs
With a complete view of your data, you can easily spot trends in costs and drill down into their root causes while staying informed with alerts and automated exceptions.

Proactively Improve Quality
When you have a 360-degree view of care, you can evaluate patient care against evidence-based guidelines. You can identify improvements for populations and individuals by evaluating chronic conditions and high-cost claimants.

Use your data to collaborate with medical management. You can monitor provider performance, practice patterns, and high-cost services. Then collaborate and share results from within the application.

Analytics in Action

Our intelligent platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to unlock the value of your data. Click through the screenshots below to see how we bring meaningful insights, powerful visualization, and analytics innovation to facilitate even smarter decision making.






View all of your member enrollment data at a glance



“We can now easily track KPIs such as the number of visits, amount paid per patient, network usage, etc."

—VP Strategic Practices

“We like that we can get a holistic view of our members.”

"We can share data with the business groups who use it to change processes as needed to drive savings."

—VP Strategic Practices