Aggregation, Interpretation, Transformation

MedeAnalytics’ powerful healthcare analytics solutions put information in the hands of decision makers. We not only provide the tools needed to manage today’s healthcare issues, we also provide the insights that enable proactive, evidence-based management of the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Mede/Provider is a business intelligence solution that provides organisation-wide views of the utilisation, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivered by acute trusts. Built on an outsourced, cloud-computing platform, Mede/Provider offers interactive reporting and analysis to support departmental and individual clinical team views of information needed to identify trends, outliers and root causes.

Mede/Commissioner provides a suite of locally adaptable performance management solutions that empower Clinical Commissioning Groups to effectively monitor key performance indicators and manage their local commissioning process. Mede/Commissioner is a critical tool to help define CCG budgets, empower individual GPs, and establish transparency into provider behavior and patient pathways. The Mede/Commissioner solution includes five modules, covering primary care, acute services, claims validation, risk stratification and the management of long-term conditions.