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MedeAnalytics UK Privacy Policy

MedeAnalytics International Limited (“MedeAnalytics”, “Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”), is a UK-based health and social care analytics provider committed to properly addressing applicable data protection requirements in a way that is transparent, responsive, and reliable.  These are met and relate to the controlling and processing of personal data, under data protection, privacy and security laws and legislation, including, without limitation and to the extent applicable from time-to-time, (i) national laws implementing the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) (ii) the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), and (iii) the Data Protection Act 2018 and all other applicable international, regional, and/or national data protection laws and regulations (“Data Protection Laws”).

As a leader in healthcare analytics, MedeAnalytics helps health and social care organizations make best practise decisions, always keeping in mind the sensitivity of the data We process and control.  This information is Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data, provided under agreement with NHS Digital, in accordance with end-user contracts (UK “Customers”).  We host the HES data in UK data centres alongside Our intelligent analytics platform.  The HES data is run through the analytics platform in a manner designed to limit display of the data to only that which is necessary to deliver Our state-of-the-art analytics, in a meaningful business context, in the fulfillment of a positive outcome – advanced health and social care data orchestration.  We provide what We feel is are profoundly meaningful products and services for MedeAnalytics’ Customers, employees, owners, and investors.

MedeAnalytics’ scalable solutions for financial management, operations, value-based care, and strategic planning - and the ability to offer tailor-build applications - deliver action-ready insights organizations need to achieve optimal decisions in real-time.  MedeAnalytics offers these critical services to its contracted end-user Customers in the health and social care industries in the United Kingdom as further detailed in this Privacy Policy.



This MedeAnalytics Privacy Policy (“Policy”) provides the individuals and entities who access and receive Our services (“You”) with certain important information about how the Company handles personal data (including sensitive health-care information).  MedeAnalytics is a controller alongside NHS Digital, with whom it contracts for the provision of pseudonymised Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data and is a processor of this data.  We supply analytics of HES data via secure online access for Customers, and this website is not accessible to the public nor to any non-Customers.

MedeAnalytics is a statistical analysis entity, incorporated as a UK company in 2007, that works exclusively in the UK with health and social care providers; these Customers include NHS providers, commissioners, and national bodies.  Where a MedeAnalytics client is an independent sector provider, data is only used in support of NHS-commissioned work.  Our objective is to provide commissioning activities, operational and financial analytics, comparators and indicators, HES data quality verification, and other mission critical insights as requested and directed by Customers.

In this Policy We explain the purposes for which data is collected and the lawful basis for controlling and processing activities.  This Policy provides information on the rights of the data subject with respect to personal data, and outlines below whom to contact at MedeAnalytics regarding data protection issues and/or concerns.

Personal data means any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual – in the context of Our activities, all HES data provided to Us is  pseudonymised first, and the identification of an individual patient is highly unlikely if not impossible in most cases.  MedeAnalytics does not share any information whatsoever on individuals – all HES data is aggregated, and shared only for the planning, evaluation, commissioning, and/or provision of health and social care pursuant to Our contract with NHS Digital, end-user Customer contracts, and applicable Data Protection Laws.  By accessing this MedeAnalytics’ website, You agree to this Policy.



MedeAnalytics is data recipient and controller of HES data provided by NHS Digital information, details being:

MedeAnalytics International Limited

16 Upper Woburn Place



Data processing is strictly prohibited to UK use only and is not transferred to countries outside of the UK.


MedeAnalytics conducts processing at the address above, and with respect to processing also maintains a primary data centre and separate backup data centre, both in the UK.  MedeAnalytics receives HES data directly from NHS Digital, which may be related to patients of a General Practice (GP) who may or may not be part of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that MedeAnalytics has a contract with as a Customer.

Anonymized, pseudonymised patient information that We process may include but is not necessarily limited to patient name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number, gender, NHS number, health data, genetic data, and biometric data.  Because identifying information is removed before the HES data is provided to Us, in the vast majority of cases only NHS Digital could know the identity of any given individual.  MedeAnalytics generates no secondary data sets, makes no attempt to identify individuals, does not use HES data for automated decision-making processes (“profiling”), and in every instance of controlling and processing HES data endeavors to have no risk of identification arise.  MedeAnalytics’ processing of HES data for Customers is purely to inform and improve the NHS with respect to patient, health, and social care.



MedeAnalytics collects HES data, under contract with NHS Digital, which is anonymized, pseudonymised patient, hospital, health and social care information.  Personal identifiers are omitted, and the information is with respect to HES Admitted Patient Care, Outpatient, and Accident and Emergency, collected generally on a monthly basis.



In order to process HES data fairly and lawfully, MedeAnalytics must have a lawful basis for processing activities.  MedeAnalytics’ legal basis for processing HES data are covered under Article 6(1)(f) and Article 9(2)(j) of the GDPR.  Our legitimate interests include assisting end-user Customers with the access and use of Our medical analytics products and services, and the development of the same – which MedeAnalytics considers to be in the public interest as well as of critical value to end-user Customers (please refer to the following section re Our Legitimate Interests Assessment (LIA)).



Our legitimate interests are a necessary and lawful basis for processing and controlling HES data, as they enable Us to assist Customers with the access and use of Our medical analytics products and services, and the development of the same.  MedeAnalytics considers access to its analytics to be in the public interest as well as of critical value to end-user Customers, so they can better understand their patient pools and make better health and social care decisions.  Our legitimate interests also include for MedeAnalytics to continue as a leading provider of mission critical medical analytics in the UK, and as well to support compliance with the NHS’ clinical and non-clinical performance expectations, using Our solutions for statistical purposes to identify clinical domains where there are significant outliers, enabling Customers to prioritise service redesign activities.

The purpose of MedeAnalytics solutions includes utilization by Customers to produce baselines for innumerable outcome metrics derived from key data combinations, to support better use of resources, staff, and services, ultimately resulting in better health and social care outcomes.  It is important to note that access to HES data by MedeAnalytics’ Customers are only ever to aggregated data, with numbers suppressed in line with ICO standards, and pseudonymisation always occurring prior to transfer of HES data to MedeAnalytics.

We firmly believe that Our processing activities are a necessary, targeted, and proportionate means of achieving the purposes of the legitimate interests outlined above, and these interests are not overridden by moral or ethical issues, and balance against any impact on individual rights.  MedeAnalytics uses the least intrusive means possible to achieve the analytics it provides to Customers, strictly within the UK only.  The risks of any data breach are clearly understood by MedeAnalytics, which is why We require HES data to be pseudonymised before it is provided to Us, and we do not require access to the encryption key in order to process HES information.

The solutions that MedeAnalytics delivers are limited to clinical commissioning groups, care quality commission registered providers, public health departments, and similar health care providers within the UK.  Our objective for processing is to provide commissioning activities, operational and financial analytics, comparators and indicators, data quality validation, and other critical insights as requested and directed by Customers on the basis of the pseudonymised HES data.

We aspire always to bring fulfillment of a positive outcome for all involved with Our products and services, and the public ultimately, as outlined herein.  MedeAnalytics regularly reviews its legitimate interests, this LIA, and the under-laying operationalization of controlling and processing HES data, to bring Data Protection Laws compliance and best practice to the forefront of Our aim and offering.  You may view MedeAnalytics’ most up-to-date LIA by clicking this link.



HES data is health data, and thus is to be treated with extra care and all personal information retained, disposed of, and pseudonymised to ensure the greatest attention is given to MedeAnalytics’ responsible controlling and processing of the same.  MedeAnalytics is ISO27001 certified, and safeguards are in place at every level of HES data treatment in line with laws, rules, regulations, and legislation relevant to MedeAnalytics’ activities.  Policies such as incident response, security escalation, breach notification, and the like are regularly reviewed and updated to conform with Data Protection Laws and MedeAnalytics’ own efforts to ensure the HES data it handles is protected with best practice corporate governance.



The HES data We collect and apply analytics to is accessed by Customers only through this website, and is only used for the purpose of providing those services for which the Customer has engaged Us.  These services include presenting the website and its contents to You, maintaining, and improving Our products and services, and assisting with statistical analysis to benefit health and social care decisions.  We provide reports to Customers (“Client Reports”), and these Client Reports are aggregate statistical reports provided to organisations that relate to overall service delivery information, trends within and across organisations.



MedeAnalytics maintains a rolling five (5) full years of data and the oldest year is destroyed on receipt of the latest year.  At the end of a retention period, MedeAnalytics removes expired data, and can provide appropriate destruction certificates.  Data is retained only for so long as necessary for the purposes set out herein and as agreed with Customers and complies with data deletion requests.



MedeAnalytics maintains a robust cache of safeguards to protect HES data from loss, interference, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.  We also maintain regularly updated procedures to help ensure that the analytics of HES data are completely reliable for Our Customers’ intended use.  MedeAnalytics conducts automated assessments to operationalize privacy by design, and regularly reviews its Data Privacy Impact Assessments to self-evaluate, always improving where possible the security and protection of the data We process, to reflect best practice – with respect to every aspect of HES data transfers, contracting, risk control, and complying with Article 35 of the GDPR and Data Protection Laws generally.

You as the Customer are also responsible for the safety and security of data submitted to MedeAnalytics for processing.  It is your responsibility to keep secret any username and password that You use for client login or to access other features of this website. Please do not share this information with any non-Customer and remember that You are responsible for any use of this website when it is accessed with your username, password, key code or the like.  If You ever suspect or believe that your username or password have been compromised or used by an unauthorised party, please promptly inform Us – using the contact details below.



Customers may contact Us by following the instructions below in the “Contact Information” section to request deletion of data, or to withdraw consent to Our processing, in accordance with applicable Data Protection Law.  We might be unable to comply with such a request where doing so would place us in breach of Our obligations under applicable rules, regulation, codes of practice, or Data Protection Law.  In the event correction of HES data is requested, contact must be made with NHS Digital.  As the HES data We hold is pseudonymised and not individually identifiable, We are therefore unable to process requests to access individual data or transfer data (data portability). We are also unable to process Subject access requests (SARs) and issues related to correction, erasure, and restriction of personal information. Such requests should  be raised directly with NHS Digital via their website – or by emailing:



MedeAnalytics keeps this Policy under regular review.  We will update this Policy to reflect variations to Our information practices, and any relevant regulatory changes.  We encourage You to periodically review this Policy to learn of any changes to how We treat the personal information of visitors to the website.  If We decide to use personal data provided by Customers in a manner that is materially different from the uses described in this Policy or otherwise disclosed to You, You will have the choice to allow or disallow any additional uses or disclosures of data.  We will not make retroactive changes that reduce privacy rights unless We are legally required to do so.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions regarding this Policy or Our information practices.  You always have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues (, however, MedeAnalytics will do all it can to address any concerns so do please contact us in the first instance.  You may make contact with Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) via webpage contact form, by email at, or by postal mail at:


Data Protection Officer UK
MedeAnalytics International Limited –

16 Upper Woburn Place

London, WC1H 0BS United Kingdom

Telephone:            +44 (0) 203 741 8055

Facsimile:              +44 (0) 203 040 2089


You may also contact MedeAnalytics for privacy-related matters via, at, or by post or telephone at its parent company address:


MedeAnalytics, Inc.

501 W. President George Bush Highway, Suite 250

Richardson, Texas 75080 USA

Telephone:            (469) 476-5423

Facsimile:              (469) 490-1611


Last Modified: 26th January 2021