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What we offer:

Using data, we collaborate with you to solve problems, enabling you to best focus current and future resources to improve people’s lives through better health.

Healthcare specialism: Digital healthcare analytics specialists since 1994, built by healthcare people, for healthcare people

Actionable insights: Our single system is perfect for ICSs which need to aggregate large amounts of data from different sources to analyse population health, create evidence-based strategies, design interventions and plan resources

Unmatched ability to integrate data from a multitude of data sources including linking disparate systems for deeper insights

A single system with NHS Digital approved data security methods: Enabling the right people to see and understand patient and population level data

What we can do for you:

Reducing admissions/ readmissions through better targeting of resources at preventative interventions by using our population health tool to identify people in need of support.

This saved £462,000 in Luton.

Supporting information governance with one click identification / reidentification of patients so only the right people have access to data.

Provide a full view of population health by pulling raw data from multiple sources including social care data, enabling you to develop insight-informed strategies.

Reduced time spent on reporting by up to 60% by providing an easy to use single system that doesn’t need analysts.

Ad hoc reports can be created in 80% less time.

One single version of the truth improving productivity by providing a single, reliable source of data accessible to many, saving time so discussions can focus on what to do.

Why now?

Healthcare inequalities have become even more stark during the pandemic. Reducing them will make a huge difference, but the right insight is needed

Increase in number of patients presenting at A&E departments across the country, combined with efforts to recover and restore services alongside responding to the continuing pandemic, require fundamentally different approaches

Financial sustainability is more important than ever. Saving money on the right things, without jeopardising outcomes, needs intelligent insight


Target at-risk patients for care management



Promote adherence to prescribed medications


Gain a holistic view of patients

Where MedeAnalytics makes a difference 

Know who is subject to healthcare inequalities is the starting point for making a difference. Our unique De-ID/Re-ID capabilities allow you to take data from macro to micro so changes can be made

Better insight helps systems plan, train and allocate resources to respond to increasing pressures

Better strategic decision-making based on insightful and actionable information means better use of resources. Being able to take preventative measures with at-risk groups means people are healthier and need less acute intervention, causing less stress on the system as a whole

Explore our solutions

From antenatal to palliative care, patient data is linked to provide a comprehensive picture of what’s happening across the whole healthcare system, from GPs through to hospital, community and social care.

Population Health Management (PHM)

In value-based care, achieving healthy outcomes is a priority. But without analytics, your interventions might be guided by guesswork or inaccurate historical data. Population Health helps you identify and evaluate at-risk populations so you can improve care management and engagement.

Pulling data from multiple sources


UK Population Health - Standard System
UK Population Health - Additional functionality


The key to turning raw data into meaningful insights is our unrivaled data orchestration. With more than two decades of research and development, our data orchestration makes analytics meaningful, accessible, and actionable.

Here's how we do it:


Take action on negative performance trends using the Collaborate feature. Collaborate allows for secure discussion on any summary report or dashboard. Dashboards can be annotated, calling attention to outliers.


MedeAnalytics developed the pseudonymisation at source (P@S) tool to ensure all patient identifiable data (PID) is de-identified at source and remains fully protected and secure. The re-identification process can be performed at a click of a button for those clients with the legal rights to access PID (such as a GP).

Download the data sheet to learn more about our Privacy Framework.


Quickly gain insights from your data using chart builder to edit and build dashboards. All dashboards are self-service and are designed to be quick and simple for everyone to use. MedeAnalytics includes pre-built dashboards, which provide key population health insights and are ready to go for all clients to access.


Complex custom reports can be simply built by anyone using point-and-click configuration with minimal training required. Reports can be shared and collaborated on and are exportable to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, CSV, and Text File formats. MedeAnalytics also has self-service narrative text option which can be selected to annotate your tables and charts.


From antenatal to palliative care, patient data is linked to provide a comprehensive picture of what’s happening across the whole healthcare system, from GP’s through to hospital, community and social care.