MedeAnalytics Platform

There is knowledge in data—but you have to unlock it to make effective decisions. MedeAnalytics’ advanced and secure cloud-based technology platform aggregates large amounts of complex data from both Commissioners and Providers to create a whole system view of healthcare. With this big picture perspective you will have evidence-based insights that improve understanding - clinically, financially and operationally. A single platform provides a solid foundation for all our solutions, we can grow seamlessly to meet your needs. MedeAnalytics is a new way to understand, a new way to act.


Big data analytics

Leverages HP Vertica to aggregate and analyze over 10,000 data feeds a day on a single, technology-agnostic platform.

Unmatched Performance

Easily manages over 280 terabytes of variable data without long uploads or wait times.

Predictive modeling

Proactively identifies areas of risk to optimize operations, mitigate costs and improve quality of care.

Real-time data integration

Provides valuable to-the-second insights that facilitate collaboration and informed decision making.

Workflow intelligence

Intuitively automates complex tasks, consolidates work streams and helps inform and implement best practices.

Mobile integration

Provides an easily accessible, real-time snapshot of critical executive-level information right on your mobile device.


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