Proactive intelligence to support commissioning and empower commissioning group decision making.

Mede/Commissioner provides a suite of locally adaptable performance management solutions that empower Clinical Commissioning Groups to effectively monitor key performance indicators and manage their local commissioning process. Mede/Commissioner is a critical tool to help define CCG budgets, empower individual GPs, and establish transparency into provider behavior and patient pathways. The Mede/Commissioner solution includes five modules, covering primary care, acute services, claims validation, risk stratification and the management of long-term conditions.

Provide insight into local health economy issues and behaviours in order to collaboratively manage the local health systems and provide improved patient care.

Define consortium budgets and monitor variations between planned and actual activity and costs.

Increase accountability and transparency at the GP level.

Monitor the costs and utilisation of high-risk patient populations.

Identify variations in patient pathways that impact cost and quality.





Commissioning scorecard and GP hotspot dashboard.

Key Performance Indicators

Rate and cost of inappropriate hospital admissions.

Service level agreement cost per patient.

Frequent attender rates and cost.

Readmission Rates.

Rate and cost of hospital overstay.

Validation of secondary care claimed and billed.

Budget statement by care pathway.


Practice and Individual GP Hot Spot Reports
Practice-based overview of key commissioning metrics that provides GPs with an individual view of their patient’s escalation of care to A&E;, outpatient and inpatient settings and the impact against financial budgets and intended care plans.

Provider Patient Management Analytics
Performance reporting to support the effective commissioning and monitoring of secondary care. The suite of analytics covers the appropriateness, efficiency and quality of patient care provided as well as contract monitoring based on activity volumes and spend. Where commissioning spans multiple providers, further benchmarking on modernisation and performance variation is also included.

Claims Validation
Standardised real-time commissioning reconciliation tool with central as well as personal challenge options. This module enables efficient review of provider charges at the patient level across a commissioning consortium to assist the month-end invoice validation and settlement process.

Long-Term Condition Management
Dedicated analytics and reporting to support the commissioning for and management of long-term conditions.

Peer and National Benchmarking
Comparative views across local providers, consortia and/or local practices as well as measures using national best practice guidance facilitate evidence-based discussions for target setting and performance improvement.

Complimentary Solutions

Mede/Provider is a business intelligence solution that provides organisation-wide views of the utilisation, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivered by acute trusts. Built on an outsourced, cloud-computing platform, Mede/Provider offers interactive reporting and analysis to support departmental and individual clinical team views of information needed to identify trends, outliers and root causes.

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