Integrated Care Systems

Supporting integrated care systems in a new healthcare economy

We empower you to visualise a future that’s otherwise invisible.

Using data, we collaborate with you to solve problems, enabling you to best focus current and future resources to improve people’s lives through better health. MedeAnalytics is built by healthcare people for healthcare people.

With powerful analytics and insights, MedeAnalytics helps integrated care systems navigate the waters of the new healthcare economy. With your existing data, we can offer strategic intelligence into the financial, operational, and clinical areas—giving you the power to ensure quality care for your patients.

Our clients

Support your contacts to turn data into information

MedeAnalytics’ single system is perfect for ICSs which need to assimilate large amounts of data from different sources to analyse population health, then design interventions and plan resources. It enables them to harness the power of data analytics for better decisions.

Population Health Management Resources

Population Health dashboard

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Our partner

"We’re not called TheValueCircle for nothing.

Every project we undertake delivers value for our clients, but also for our team. Our pool of experts includes former chief executives, board directors, and other senior operators who love to be challenged. And to deliver.

Working across a variety of sectors including health and social care, financial services, pharmaceuticals, higher and further education, and local government, we create value across governance, leadership, strategy, and change..."

From instinct to intelligence

Transform your data into insightful information. Move beyond what you think you know, with data pulled from multiple sources (including social care) and linked together into a simple single system, enabling you to make insight-informed decisions for individuals and populations.


From individual to population

When you need to make population health decisions at a system level and apply them at a personal level, use our unique De-ID/Re-ID tool.

Don’t wait for data to be re-identified. With the right permissions, one click makes identifying people for support simple and easy. Secure and NHS Digital-approved.

From complex build to simple platform

To get the most from data, you need people who understand you and your context. Our specialist subject is healthcare. We bring our expertise in data analytics to co-create with you a single system that puts the power of information in your hands.

Your single system enables you to interrogate it in multiple ways to help you make commissioning decisions. Simple and seamless.


Single system

Avoid the typical data jigsaw puzzle with all your data in one place, pulling from all member organisations and national datasets. Standardised data in, multiple applications out in one efficient, seamless tool.

From empowerment to understanding

With all your information in once place and simple-to-build and read reporting dashboards, MedeAnalytics empowers all users to make sense of the data without the need for advanced analytical skills.

Support performance management and monitoring with information at your fingertips, confidently build organisational or system strategies, and make insight-informed decisions on using resources effectively.


From historic to future

Knowing what has happened in the past enables providers and systems to predict what will happen in the future, use early interventions to prevent hospitalisation, and develop evidence-based strategies to improve the overall health of the population.

From antenatal to palliative care

For a comprehensive picture of what’s happening in health from cradle to grave, we link data from GPs, community, social care and acute settings.


From accessible to secure

Ease of use and data security aren't mutually exclusive. Clinicians can access patient data at a local level at the click of a button, while decision makers can access system-wide population data. Safe and protected at all levels, MedeAnalytics shows you what you need to see while keeping data secure.