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Using NHS Digital-approved methods, we're enabling measurable impact:

UK records from 152 datasets
lives covered by our work with trusts, other NHS and public sector bodies
daily data feeds
pre-built analytics views, dashboards and reports

Helping BLMK to securely use Pseudonymise / Re-identify in reality

  • A team of non-medical care co-ordinators at BLMK is working with patients with high A&E attendances (>15) to understand why, provide additional support, and reduce the number of times they present at A&E
  • They use MedeAnalytics to combine near real-time data on A&E attendance with GP clinical system data to try to spot any issues e.g. anxiety, depression
  • Support is offered to help people better manage their health, as well as for other lifestyle issues

Helping Luton manage Population Health for frailty

Using data from A&E attendances, unplanned admissions, hospital discharge (within the last 24 hours) and data on people with severe and moderate frailty, MedeAnalytics helps the team identify people in need of support, resulting in:

Prevented hospital admissions (38/month)
Saved for the local health and care system
Of frailty patients had contact, up from 37% the previous year

“What MedeAnalytics ultimately did for us was enable us to use the hospital data which fed our daily huddle and allowed us to track discharges and frail patients who were still in hospital. It resulted in the correct organisation being aware of these patients in order to make sure they were in the best place for their care.

So, potentially we may have not been aware of these patients before this project. Also, Mede data feeds the Risk Tool that we complete."

- Andy Boocock, Information Analyst, Luton Children & Adults Community Health Services

Population Health provenance

In America we’ve enabled clients to use population health insight to benefit patients for a decade. Our client ConcertoCare substantially reduced hospitalisation rates below the national averages for Medicare patients.

Research in the US shows that population health data systems deliver huge financial savings:

  • Potential to save >£10M by reducing engineer and IT workload
  • Multi-million dollar savings from real-time, automated data integration and simplified self-service reporting
Reduction in A+E attendances
Reduction in admissions
Reduction in readmissions

"We were able to significantly decrease unnecessary utilisation for an entire population with MedeAnalytics’ predictive analytics. The insights allow our home-based care team to intervene with patients to slow down disease progression and keep them safely out of the hospital, while uniquely addressing their myriad of complex care needs..."

- Dr. Chris Dodd M.D., Chief Clinical Officer, ConcertoCare

Emcara's measurable value and outcomes of our Population Health capabilities

Reduction in admissions
Reduction in readmissions
Reduction in ER attendances

Population Health Dashboard

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