Daily insight into clinical and financial Metrics to navigate hospital trust requirements

Mede/Provider is a business intelligence solution that provides organisation-wide views of the utilisation, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivered by acute trusts. Built on an outsourced, cloud-computing platform, Mede/Provider offers interactive reporting and analysis to support departmental and individual clinical team views of information needed to identify trends, outliers and root causes.

  • Achieve and maintain foundation trust status through improved financial and clinical metrics

  • Reduce variation in clinical practices yielding significant cost and quality improvements

  • Increase productivity through better management of costly staff and theatre resources

  • Direct empowerment of service lines to manage performance

  • Aggregation

  • Interpretation

  • Transformation

Foundation trust executive portal page

Foundation trust executive portal page

Key Performance Indicators

  • Delayed discharge variation by condition, team and department
  • Patient safety and hospital-acquired infection rates
  • Service line cost outliers by patient, pathway and clinical team
  • Theatre use exception reporting
  • Lost revenue from inappropriate coding


  • Activity Management

    Real-time insight into patient management, highlighting system bottlenecks, delays and poor-quality care. Demand and outcome profiling to help set performance targets, track income and plan future service investment.

  • Resource Utilisation

    Detailed analytics and reporting around productivity and effective use of high-cost resources (theatres, diagnostics and staffing) in the patient care process. The reporting associated with each theme highlights areas of inefficiency and waste, the underlying causes and the impact on patients and revenue.

  • Financial Management

    Comprehensive analysis and reporting of costs and profitability that highlights the financial impact of variations in standards and service delivery. Provides an effective way of disseminating budgetary performance to service lines and clinical teams and transparency in cross-charging between revenue-generating and expense departments.

  • Coding Analytics

    Highlights areas of coding variance to relevant national peers, quantifying the potential revenue impact of current practice, specific comorbidity codes that would generate a higher tariff and the probability of these existing in each patient record.

  • Market Share

    Provides trust-wide and individual service line market share of local elective referrals by condition and practice and the percentage of related revenue being retained.

Complementary Solutions

  • Mede/Commissioner

    Mede/Commissioner provides a suite of locally adaptable performance management solutions that empower Clinical Commissioning Groups to effectively monitor key performance indicators and manage their local commissioning process. Mede/Commissioner is a critical tool to help define CCG budgets, empower individual GPs, and establish transparency into provider behavior and patient pathways. The Mede/Commissioner solution includes five modules, covering primary care, acute services, claims validation, risk stratification and the management of long-term conditions.

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